Bay Area Boardriders 5th Comp of 2019

Bay Area Boardriders 5th Comp Winners
Winners: from L – R, Nelson Corner, Lily Buchanan, Dean Shaw, Jake Button, Jamie Doran, Jimmi Hill, Jasmine Sampson, Sebastian Brown.
Thanks to Simon Law Tsunami Surfer and Dean Shaw for the prizes.

On the 30th of June 2019, the Bay Area Boardriders held their 5th comp of the year at One Mile Point! What was looking to be a promising day of waves, it started out a bit dire. With the morning looking pretty flat there was much discussion if the comp should be even be on.

In the end contest organising Rod Astley noticed a few 2 footers coming through the point and decided the comp was to be on! With the super groms to be sent out first in hope the swell will keep building throughout the day for the bigger peeps.

The super groms were stoked to get out the point on their own in perfect clean 2 footers. The best conditions for them all year and they did not disappoint, they were all ripping! And it was birthday boy Noah Bartlett, who was celebrating his 9th birthday who took to the right-hander on his backhand smashing it to come away with his first win of the year!

Noah Bartlett at Bay Area Boardriders 5th Comp of the year at One Mile Point.
What a birthday present for Noah Bartlett. Loving the clean Oney Point runners!

The surf did pick up, although not that much it was still enough for the older crew to get out there and make the most of the clean conditions. But it was the lighter on their feet crew who found it easier and were able to get the job done.

A special mention has to go to Jasmine Sampson who took on the boys in the Open division, where she made the final! Well-done Jazzy. Keep on smashing it.

Jasmin Sampson at the Bay Area Boardriders 5th Comp of 2019 out at One Mile Point.
Jasmine Sampson showing why she was able to mix it with the Open boys!

Some standouts for the day were Noah Bartlett, Sebastian Brown, Riley Cruise, Jimmi Hill, Jasmine Sampson, Jamie Doran, Luke Bartlett, Nelson Corner & Rowan Phelps.

It was great to see Luke Bartlett pulling on the rashie again and smashing it. It’s also great to see crew that were part of the club a long time ago coming back this year and putting on the rashie and having some fun with the likes of, Wayne Swan, Rowan Phelps, Peter Byers and Luke. Also Jamie Doran who has been back for a while and long time legends Dean Shaw and Rod Astley who are always there no matter what. #bayproud It’s great for the groms and good for them to learn where the club has come from.

Generations of Bartlett’s. Luke & Noah


Under 12’s

  1. N. Bartlett
  2. N. Goodwin
  3. H. Stone

Under 14’s Girls

  1. L. Buchanan

Open Girls

  1. J. Sampson

Under 14’s

  1. J. Hill
  2. K. Buchanan
  3. J. Button

Under 16’s

  1. J. Button
  2. K. Buchanan
  3. J. Hill
  4. R. Cruise

Under 18’s

  1. S. Brown
  2. J. Stretton
  3. R. Cruise
  4. T. Turner

Over 28’s

  1. J. Doran
  2. M. Buchanan
  3. R. Astley
  4. W. Swan

Over 40’s

  1. D. Shaw
  2. J. Doran
  3. R. Astley
  4. R. Phelps
  5. W. Swan
  6. C. McGaw

Over 50’s

  1. D. Shaw
  2. M. Hill
  3. R. Phelps
  4. T. Turner


  1. N. Corner
  2. L. Bartlett
  3. M. Buchanan
  4. M. McGaw
  5. J. Stretton
  6. J. Sampson

Thanks to Simon Law Tsunami Surfer and Dean Shaw for prizes!

To check out the pics from the day go to the gallery!

Our next Comp is scheduled for Sunday 11th of August 2019, and now we are going digital with going Live Heats. To enter our next comp you can go to Live Heats and search for Bay Area Boardriders and put your entry in. Or you can click here. All our judging will be live on the liveheats website where you can keep up to date of when your heat is on, results and scores as they happen.


See you all then!