April Comp 2021, Presented by Anna Bay Surf Bike & Skate

Our 3rd comp of the year presented by Anna Bay Surf, Bike, Skate. was held in righteously rippable conditions at Oney Guts.

Again we had a huge field from Groms to the Wise Gents going off all day as the offshore conditions and 2 to 3 foot of swell didn’t stop!
It’s great to see so many young crew coming along to share in the stoke of wave riding!

Big ups to Shaz for keeping the kids entertained between chocolate bars, Phil Craig for capturing the stoke and notable mention to Co-Pres Barty for taking the daily double.

Stay tuned for details on our camp away in the next few days!

Some results from the day are as flows below:

U9’s Boys
1st Y. Stone
2nd K. Stone
3rd J. Locke
4th M. Evans
5th F. Brown

U9’s Girls
1st J O.Toole
2nd H. Brown
3rd M. Stallard
3rd S. Jenkins
5th C. Kearney

U12’s Boys
1st H. Stone
2nd T. O’Toole
3rd E. Brown
4th K. Longo
5th B. Kearney

U16’s Boys
1st N. Campbell
2nd S. Rae
3rd E. Brown
4th H. Stone

U18’s Boys
1st T. Turner
2nd R. Cruise
3rd J. Button
4th E. George
5th L. Payne
6th K. George

Over 50’s
1st D. Shaw
2nd G. O’Toole
3rd P. Byers
4th H. Royle

Over 40’s
1st J. Plimmer
2nd D. Shaw
3rd P. Byers
4th J. Rossi

Over 28’s
1st L. Bartlett
2nd R. Bristow
3rd D. Stone (Dayne)
4th J. Rossi
5th J. McDonald
6th L. Goody

Opens Mens
1st L. Bartlett
2nd Z. Clifford
3rd M. McGraw
4th T. Turner
5th L. Goody
6th J. McDonald

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