Taj Turns a Corner in May Comp 2019

On the 5th of May 2019, Bay Area Boardriders Club held our 4th comp of the year at One Mile guts with beautiful weather and 2 – 4ft surf with off shore winds. Although there were a lot of typical Oney closeouts, there were some diamonds in between. The day had it all with the arrival of our 2019 club shirts, our new comp shirts, broken boards, barrels, and the older boys enjoying some refreshing beers on the beach courtesy of our beer sponsor Vonu Beer.

One of the lucky ones to keep finding the diamonds throughout the day was young Taj Turner. Although Taj is still competing in the under 16’s he has decided this year to step up and compete in the Opens as well.

And in doing so he has posted a 3rd place and in this last comp a 1st place in the Opens and also took home a 1st place in the 18’s.

Surfer: Taj Turner Pic: Dave Turner

In the final of the Opens 2nd place Max McGaw broke his surfboard and Taj found a gem. A 3ft left with a bit more east in it where Taj went to town and smash about 5 backhand smacks to the beach to take the win. The young fella has turned a corner in his surfing and is stepping up!

Surfer: Taj Turner Pic: Dave Turner

In the other divisions the dual between Eden Hasson and Jimmi Hill continues with both tearing the bag out of it all day. With each taking a win over each other in their respective divisions.

Surfer: Eden Hasson
Pic: Dave Turner

Surfer: Jimmi Barrel Hill
Pic: Dave Turner

The super groms and girls were moved further back down towards the point for easier conditions and they were frothing at the bit to get out there and show what they have got. And it was young Harlem Stone who got out the back again taking on the bigger waves and charged through to another win, while young Lily Buchanan keeps improving all the time with great style to take another win also.

Surfer: Noah Bartlett
Pic: Dave Turner

In the older divisions 40 and 50’s it was the Dean Shaw show finding the corners enabling him to smash out a few reo’s and take another win in both divisions. In the Over 28’s it was again Doors Boy Jamie Doran who again picked the better waves and work them over all the way to the beach and into another win for the year! Both Jamie and Dean a looking good to get their names on the Honour board again. Would loved to know how many times those boys have got their names on the board.

Surfer: Dean Show Shaw
Pic: Dave Turner

Surfer: David Voyzey
Pic: Dave Turner

All in all it was another great day for the club. Although there were a few main guys missing due to being at a wqs event up in Queensland it was another good turn out and great competitive waves for the comp.

Thanks to all the people that helped out for the day and all the older ones that hung around all day to enjoy a few social beers. And a special thanks to Steve Bramble for organising our club shirts.

Our President John Sullivan and Treasurer Valerie Sullivan for organising our best comp shirts yet. And Vonu Beer for the beer. All the older crew were stoked!

Photo’s from the day are posted up in our gallery section of our website.

Best of luck to Dean Shaw and whoever else is going up to the Masters State titles next weekend. We are sure you can bring home another title Dean!

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with our scheduled comp on the 2nd of June with now our next comp scheduled for Sunday the 30th of June 2019. See you all then!

Winners are Grinners!
L-R: Taj Turner, Lily Buchanan, Harlem Stone, Dean Show Shaw, Jimmi Hill, Jamie Doran with President John Sullivan. Missing, Eden Hasson.


Results –

Under 12 Boys

  1. Harlem Stone
  2. Noah Bartlett
  3. Nate Goodwin
  4. Joshua Bartlett
  5. Yadin Stone

Under 14 Girls

  1. Lily Buchanan

Under 14’s Boys

  1. Eden Hasson
  2. Jimmi Hill
  3. Jake Atkins
  4. Kai Buchanan

Under 16’s

  1. Jimmi Hill
  2. Eden Hasson
  3. Taj Turner
  4. Isaac Sullivan

Under 18’s

  1. Taj Turner
  2. Sebastian Brown
  3. Isaac Sheppard
  4. Isaac Sullivan

Over 28’s

  1. Jamie Doran
  2. Mark Buchanan
  3. Rod Astley
  4. Wayne Swan

Over 40’s

  1. Dean Shaw
  2. Jamie Doran
  3. Rod Astley
  4. Wayne Swan

Over 50’s

  1. Dean Shaw
  2. David Voyzey
  3. Peter Byers
  4. John The President Sullivan

Open Mens

  1. Taj Turner
  2. Max McGaw
  3. Mark Buchanan
  4. Sebastian Brown
  5. Darcy Seymour